Mountain of Medicine Saviour of the World An English language mission of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Worshipping at St Olave's Anglican Church
360 Windermere Ave (at Bloor Street)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Saturdays at 9:30am

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The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is a member of the Oriental Orthodox Family, which consist of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Orthodox Churches, the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church and the Eritrean Orthodox Church.

These churches make up one family of Orthodoxy, the other being the Eastern Orthodox Churches which include the Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Antiochian just to name a few.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is unique in the sense that the Ethiopians practised Judaism for approximately 1000 years before the coming of Our Lord and Saviour Eyesus Christos.

Orthodoxy in general helps the believer to realize that the Church is a Militant Church, which means every believer is a soldier in Christ; then one must realize that the Christian life consist of Order, Discipline and Sacrifice. These are traits that a soldier must possess in order to be successful in warfare.

The world is an undisciplined place so the Church of God must be the opposite. Just read the scriptures and see that Heavenly Worship is very orderly; it involves a Heavenly Hierarchy if you will, Cherubim, Seraphim, Archangel, Angels, Principalities, and Powers. The Worship is Liturgical Rev. 4:8 “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, The Almighty, Who was and Who is and Who is to come” the living creatures chant this day and night without ceasing.

Come and experience a taste of this heavenly worship here on earth, in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; for the scripture says in Psalms 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Come and have a little taste……

Brief History

Debre Medhanit Medhane Alem Church was first established in 1972, July 23rd. Back then it was known as Medhane Alem. The Church has changed locations throughout the years and now it has a new title which was given to it by His Eminence Abune Mathias “Debre Medhanit Medhane Alem.”

Many of our sister churches share the same name, but our title distinguishes our parish from all the others.

Our Mission

To communicate the spiritual riches of ancient African Christianity as found within the living local traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church throughout the so-called 'West' and its African 'Diaspora'.

Our Website

The purpose of our parish website is to provide thorough information for inquirers interested in Orthodox Christianity in general & in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in particular. It contains extensive research into the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church - its history, its dogmatic teachings, as well as on the history, society, political theory of Ethiopia & Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity in order to overcome the invisibility of its contemporary witness in the midst of our 'pluralistic', 'multi-cultural' secularized society.

Emancipated from its real and alleged historical isolation, this website seeks to communicate the truths of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity in dialogue with other local traditions of the Orthodox Church(es) & with Western Christianity.

The opinions expressed by the authors of the various documents linked on this website are the sole expression of the individual writers in question and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Debre Medhanit Medhane Alem EOTC parish, its clergy and congregation.

May God Bless & Enrich Your Visit!