Mountain of Medicine Saviour of the World An English language mission of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Worshipping at St Olave's Anglican Church
360 Windermere Ave (at Bloor Street)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Saturdays at 9:30am

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The Lives of the Saints & Martyrs & Other Church Resources

Introduction to the Lives of the Saints - St. Justin Popovich

The Place of the Lives of the Saints in the Spiritual Life - Hieromonk Damascene

On the Veneration of the Saints - Fr. Georges Florovsky

Saints of North America

Saints and the Animals That Served Them

The Saints as an Element in the Communion and Communication in the Early Church - Mark Sheridan (

The Spiritual and Social Life of Christian Women - Kesis Kefyalew Merahi

Mary at the Threshold: The Mother of God as Guardian in Seventh-Century Palestinian Miracle Accounts - Derek Krueger

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Fervent Defender of Christians - Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy: Women and the Church - Eva Catafygiotu Topping

Life of the Saint, Our Holy Mother Irene, Abbess of the Convent of Chrysobalanton 

Reading the Lives of the Saints: Metaphors, Miracles and the Inter-Orthodox Rapprochement - Peter Bouteneff, in Cracks in the Walls: Essays on Spirituality, Ecumenicity and Ethics - eds. Else Marie Wilberg Pedersen and Johannes Nissen

The Sweat of Christians is the Seed of Martyrdom: A Paradigm for Modern Orthodox Christian Witness - Dylan Pahman (

St. Michael the Archangel in Late Antiquity - Christopher West

A Miracle of the Archangel Uriel worked for Abba Giyorgis of Gassecca - Getatchew Haile

Abuna Tewoflos (Theophilos), 2nd Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewehedo Church - Dictionary of African Christian Biography

Abuna Tekle Haimanot (Melaku Welde Michael), 3rd Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church - Dictionary of African Christian Biography

The Mystery of the Personality of Metropolitan Anthony and His Meaning for Orthodox Slavdom - Archimandrite Justin Popovich ( A Spiritual Personality similar to Abba Tekle Haymanot, 3rd EOTC Patriarch)

He Who Was Among Us (In Memory of Blessed Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky) - St. Justin Popovich

In Praise of Saint Paul - John Chysostom, trans. Thomas P. Halton

Christ in His Saints - Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

The Life of St. Shenouda: Translation of the Arabic Life - Abba Wissa

Standing in the Breach: The Significance and Function of the Saints in the Letters of Barsanuphius and John of Gaza - Alexis Torrance (

Veneration of the Saints in Christian Ethiopia - ed. Denis Nosnitsin

Legends of our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin and her Mother - E. A. Wallis Budge 

One Hundred and Ten Miracles of Our Lady Mary - trans. E. A. W. Budge

The Life of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos

The Life of the Virgin - Maximus the Confessor - trans. Stephen J. Shoemaker

The Friend of the Bridegroom: On the Orthodox Veneration of the Forerunner - Sergius Bulgakov

The Lives of the Holy Apostles

The Contending of the Apostles: Being the Histories and the Lives and Martyrdoms and Deaths of the Twelve Apostles and Evangelists, The Ethiopic Text - trans. E. A. W. Budge

The Fate of the Apostles: Examining the Martyrdom Accounts of the Closest Followers of Jesus - Sean McDowell

Apostolic Fathers: Volume I - I Clement, II Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Didache (Loeb Classical Library)

Apostolic Fathers: Volume II - Shepherd of Hermas, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Epistle to Diogentus (Loeb Classical Library)

The Story of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Homily on the Feast of Great Martyr George - Fr. George Calciu

Justin Martyr and His Worlds - eds. Sara Parvis, Paul Foster

Irenaeus: Life, Scripture, Legacy - eds. Sara Parvis, Paul Foster

St. Frumentius of Axum - Orthodox Wiki

Nine Saints - Orthodox Wiki

The Ethiopian Synaxarium

The Coptic Synaxarium

The Martyrdom of St. Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria - Getatchew Haile

Ecclesial Memory and Secular History in the Conflicting Representations of Cyril of Alexandria: An Apology for the Saint - Mario Baghos (

St. Hripsime (Arsema) and Her Companions

The Saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church

On This Day: The Armenian Church Synaxarion (January) - trans. & ed. Edward G. Mathews

On This Day: The Armenian Church Synaxarion (February) - trans. & ed. Edward G. Mathews

Saints & Feasts of the Armenian Church - Patriarch Torkom Koushagian

Profiles in Faith: Mediations on the Lives of the Saints - Albert A. Keshgegian

The Synaxarion: The Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church series

Introduction to the Synaxarion: The Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church - Hieromonk Makarios of Simonos Petra, Mount Athos

The Cult of Saints - St. John Chrysostom

Palladius: Dialogue of the Life of St. John Chrysostom (Ancient Christian Writers) - trans. Robert T. Meyer

The Funerary Speech for John Chrysostom - trans. Timothy D. Barnes and George Bevan

St. Olympia the Deaconess, Confidante of St. John Chrysostom - David C. Ford

Holy Woman, Olympias (Olympiada), the Deaconess of Constantinople

The Life and Sufferings of Saint Catherine the Great Martyr

The Life of Our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt

Life of St. Antony - St. Athanasius

Life of St. Antony - St. Athanasius, trans. Tim Vivian

The Life of Antony: The Coptic Life and the Greek Life - St. Athanasius of Alexandria, trans. Tim Vivian

Two Early Lives of Severos, Patriarch of Antioch - trans. Sebastian Brock and Brian Fitzgerald

Severus of Antioch: His Life and Times - eds. John D'Alton and Youhanna Youssef

Let Us Die That We May Live: Greek Homilies on Christian Martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine and Syria c.350-c.450 Ad - eds. Pauline Allen, Wendy Mayer

Life of Simeon Stylites - trans. Robert Doran

The Place of Blessed Augustine in the Orthodox Church - Fr. Seraphim Rose

Preface to The Place of Blessed Augustine in the Orthodox Church (Greek Edition) - Fr. Peter Heers (

Orthodox Readings of Augustine - eds. Aristotle Papanikolaou and George E. Damacopoulos

Life of Saint Moses the Black

The Life of Our Father Among the Saints: Moses the Ethiopian (reference)

The Life of Isaac of Alexandria and the Martyrdom of Saint Macrobius - Mena of Nikiou

The Teaching of Saint Gregory (the Illuminator) - trans. Robert W. Thompson

The Lives of the Pillars of Orthodoxy: Saints Photios of Constantinople, Gregory Palamas and Mark of Ephesus

The Martyrdom and History of Blessed Simeon bar Sabba'e - ed. Kyle Smith

The Story of Mar Pinhas - ed. Adam Carter McCollum

The Martyrs of Mount Ber'ain - trans. Sebastian P. Brock

Witnesses for Christ: Orthodox Christian Neomartyrs of the Ottoman Period - Nomikos Michael Vaporis

The Coptic Martyrdom of John of Phanijoit: Assimilation and Conversion to Islam in Thirteenth-Century Egypt - Jason R. Zaborowski

Three Christian Martyrdoms from Early Islamic Palestine - Passion of Peter of Capitolias, Passion of the Twenty Martyrs of Mar Saba, Passion of Romanos the Neo-Martyr - trans. Stephen J. Shoemaker

Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain - Kenneth Baxter Wolf

The Russian Golgotha - ed. Vladimir Moss

The Destruction of the Armenian Church during the Genocide - Simon Payaslian

Armenian Golgotha: A Memoir of the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1918 - Grigoris Balakian

Neither to Laugh Nor to Weep: An Odyssey of Faith: Memoir of the Armenian Genocide - Abraham H. Hartunian

Speech at Vigil for Ethiopian (Orthodox Martyrs) Victims, Times Square, New York (April 28, 2015) - Dr. Getachew Haile

The Jesus Prayer - Prayer of the Heart

The Watchful Mind: Teachings on the Prayer of the Heart - A Monk of Mt. Athos

Articles and Books on Prayer

The Struggle for Virtue: Asceticism in a Modern Secular Society - Archbishop Averky (Taushev)

A Layman in the Desert: Monastic Wisdom for a Life in the World - Daniel Opperwall

The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian

The Discourses of Philoxenos of Mabbug - trans. Robert A. Kitchen

Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way - Fr. Matta El-Maskeen (Matthew the Poor)

The Philokalia: The Complete Text - eds. G. E. H. Palmer, Philip Sherrard, Kallistos Ware

The Philokalia: Exploring the Classic Text of Orthodox Spirituality - eds. Brock Bringaman & Bradley Nassif

Orthodox Spirituality and the Philokalia - Placide Deseille

The Ascetic Life & The Four Centuries on Charity - St. Maximus the Confessor, trans. Polycarp Sherwood

Women in Ethiopic Hagiographies - Selamawit Mecca

Kristos Samra - Wikipedia

Hagiographies of Ethiopian Female Saints: With Special Reference to Gadla Krestos Samra and Gadla Fegerta Krestos - Selamawit Mecca (abstract)

The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros: A Seventeenth Century African Biography of an Ethiopian Woman - trans. & eds. Wendy Laura Blecher & Michael Kleiner

Saints and Monasteries in Ethiopia - Kesis Kefyalew Merahi

Saints and Monasteries in Ethiopia II - Kesis Kefyalew Merahi

The Most Versatile Ethiopian Scholar, St. Yared and His Outstanding Works - Kesis Kefyalew Merahi

The Life and Miracles of St. Takla Haymanot the Ethiopian

A Saint and His Lion: The Story of Tekla of Ethiopia - Elaine Murray Stone

St. Gebre Menfes Kidus and A Heaven in this World - Mt. Zeqwala Monastery

The Passion of Saint Shushanik, The Martyrdom of St. Vardan Mamikonian's Daughter - trans. Fr. Krikor Vardapet Maksoudian

Saint Shushanik of Georgia - Lasha Tchantouridze

The Lives of the Georgian Saints - Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze

Lives of the Bulgarian Saints

Brief History of St. Gregorios (Geevarghese) of Parumala

St. Maximus the Confessor

The Life of Our Father Maximus the Confessor - trans. Fr. Christopher Birchall

Maximus the Confessor and his Companions: Documents from Exile - trans. Pauline Allen, Bronwen Neil

A Syriac Life of St. Maximus the Confessor - trans. Sebastian Brock

The Life of Saint Symeon the New Theologian - Niketas Stethatos

A Guide to St. Symeon the New Theologian - Hannah Hunt

In the Light of Christ - St. Symeon the New Theologian: Life, Spirituality, Doctrine - Archbishop Basil Krivocheine

On the Mystic Life: The Ethical Discourses, 3 Vols. - St. Symeon the New Theologian

Abba Giyorgis of Gasecca/Sagla - Dictionary of African Christian Biography

Abuna Diskoros (Aba Wolde Tensae) - Wikipedia

Abune Petros - Wikipedia

Abune Petros: A Martyr of the Millenium - Fesseha Mekuria and Sven Rubenson

Saint and Martyr Abune Petros of Ethiopia - Deacon Ephrem Megenta (facebook post)

The Ethiopian Servant of Christ - Bishop Macarius

Abuna Abd el-Mesih al-Habashi (Abba Gabra Krestos) - Dictionary of African Christian Biography

Saint Seraphim of Sarov's Conversation with Motovilov

Saint Seraphim of Sarov: On the Acquisition of the Holy Spirit - Conversation with Motovilov

An Extraordinary Peace: St. Seraphim of Sarov - Fr. Lazarus Moore

My Life in Christ - St. John of Kronstadt

The Vision of St. John of Kronstadt, Russia with Notes by Monk Leontios the Athonite

A Prodigal Saint: Father John of Kronstadt and the Russian People - Nadieszda Kizenko

St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal, Vol. 1 - The Later Life of the Saint and the Establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent - Cleopas Strongylis

St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal, Vol. 2 - The Catechetical Letters - Cleopas Strongylis

Papa Nicholas Planas: The Simple Shepherd of the Simple Sheep

Abuna Matta El-Meskeen -Orthodox Wiki

Pope Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria - Orthodox Wiki 

Abba Kyrillos: Patriarch and Solitary - John Watson

Father Arseny, 1893-1973: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses

Man of God: Saint John of Shanghai & San Francisco

St. John Made no Compromises, Neither With Himself Nor with Cirmcumstances: On the Commemoration of the Uncovering of the Relics of St. John of Shanghai - Deacon Andrei Psarev and Maria Reshetnikova (May 2014)

St. Chrysostomos the New Confessor and Hierarch

The Confessor-Hierarch Chrysostomos, former Metropolitan of Florina and Leader of the Martyric Old Calendar Church of Greece

Sojourner Truth: A Life and Legacy of Faith - Mary G. Butler

Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol - Nell Irvin Painter

Glorying in Tribulation: The Life Work of Sojourner Truth - Erlene Stetson and Linda David

The Life of Harriet Tubman: Moses of the Underground Railroad - Anne Schraff

George Alexander McGuire - Orthodox Wiki

The Forgotten Prophet: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the African American Prophetic Tradition - Andre E. Johnson

Black Prophetic Fire - Cornel West and Christa Buschendorf

American Prophets: Seven Religious Radicals and Their Struggle for Social and Political Justice - Albert Raboteau

Dissident for Life: Alexander Ogorodnikov and the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Russia - Koenraad De Wolf

Fr. George Calciu: Interview, Homilies, Talks

The Cry of the New Martyrs - Fr. Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa

Remembering Fr. George Calciu - Frederica Mathewes-Green

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand: Finishing the Race - Hieromonk Damascene

Becoming Holy in Early Canada - Timothy G. Pearson